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National Energy Authority operates under the authority of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and Climate in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to the National Energy Authority

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Here you can find ways to contact the employees of the National Energy Authority, provide feedback, request data, or get answers to inquiries. We encourage you to choose the method recommended for expediting case processing.

Office Opening Hours
The phone number for the National Energy Authority is 569 6000, and the switchboard is open from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 16:00.

Don't forget to first check the National Energy Authority's website.

Answers to questions regarding the following matters are very likely to be found on our website:

If the answer is not available on our website, you can submit an inquiry below.

How to submit formal matters and general inquiries?

To ensure prompt and accurate handling of matters and inquiries, they need to be directed through the appropriate channels. The National Energy Authority encourages the use of the institution's service portal to submit digital applications and inquiries. This way, users can monitor their own cases within the institution after authenticating themselves using digital credentials.

Matters for the National Energy Authority are categorized into inquiries, applications, and data submissions and should be sent through the NEA's service portal. Once signed in to the service portal using digital credentials, the "inquiries" button is clicked to submit an inquiry.

  • General inquiries. These are inquiries or comments about the operation or requests for information that do not fall under the categories below or information that cannot be found on the institution's website.
  • Inquiries to the Electricity Regulatory Authority should be sent to the Electricity Regulatory Authority.
  • Inquiries regarding utility water, geothermal energy, minerals, and wind turbines should be sent to the Natural Resources division.
  • Inquiries about grants, subsidies, and energy exchange can be sent to the email address nidurgreidslur@os.is
  • Data submissions related to fuel, geothermal energy, and heat energy should be submitted through the NEA's service portal. Other data submissions can be sent to the email address gogn@os.is.
  • Accounting. Requests for transaction lists and submission of invoices should be sent to the email address bokhald@os.is.