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Have you chosen an electricity supplier?

Distributors and retailers are not the same 

The distributor is responsible for ensuring that the power reaches your home. You cannot choose your distributor, as one or another is assigned to you depending on the area where you live. 


Five distribution utilities are operating in Iceland. They are:  

HS Veitur, Norðurorka, Orkubú Vestfjarða, Veitur and RARIK. Distributors are not permitted to influence in any way your choice of electricity retailer.  


The electricity retailer establishes electricity transactions for the customer in question. The retailer is not responsible for ensuring that the power supply reaches your home. It offers you different rates, sends you your bills, and responds to your questions and concerns. 

How do I know I have to choose? And when do I have to choose? 

If you have not been in business with an electricity retailer for the past 90 days, e.g. you are buying your first apartment, or it takes some time to change housing, or for some other reason you are connecting to an electricity utility for the first time, it is important to contact the electricity retailer you choose to do business with and enter into an electricity sales contract. If this is not done within 30 days of the change of user, the distribution operator may suspend the supply of electricity to the user in question, following a written warning.  

You can see a price comparison on the website of Orkusetur 

What if you want to switch? 

If you want to change and do business with another electricity retailer, this is done by contacting the electricity retailer you intend to do business with, and the retailer will take care of the change. 

Why were my lights cut off?

We do not want our electricity to be cut off, but this can happen if there is no electricity supply agreement, because then the distribution utilities have the authority to stop the supply of electricity. It is therefore important that we choose our electricity retailer simply because distribution utilities are not allowed to supply electricity to those who do not have a valid contract with an electricity retailer.