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National Energy Authority operates under the authority of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and Climate in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to the National Energy Authority

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The National Energy Authority regularly publishes reports, brochures, and other materials related to energy matters.

The publication history of the National Energy Authority (NEA) dates back to 1931. On the NEA website, accessible material is available back to the year 2008, while older content can be found in Leitir and in Rafhlaðan.

The content in the NEA's publications is protected by copyright. It is permitted to digitally store, print, duplicate, and distribute the content of the website without charge. However, this permission is subject to the condition that the source of the content is indicated (with reference to the NEA) and the authorship is acknowledged (if it is mentioned on the website). Also, it is a requirement that the use is not for profit. Authorization is required for any modifications or translations of the content taken from the NEA's website or its publications.

All changes to the content or data of the NEA must be made with the consent of the institution. This applies equally to the reuse and recycling of the data published by the institution. The same principles apply if additions are made to the aforementioned content.