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The System Plan of Landsnet approved by the Energy Regulatory Authority

The System Plan of Landsnet approved by the Energy Regulatory Authority

13 February 2024
The System Plan of Landsnet approved by the Energy Regulatory Authority

The Energy Regulatory Authority has approved the System Plan of Landsnet for the years 2023-2032. The plan focuses on the construction and operation of an electricity transmission system that spans the entire country. The system connects electricity generation, distribution networks serving smaller users, and large users directly connected to the transmission system.

Strengthening the main transmission system from Hvalfjörður and northwards into the country through the Holtavörðuheiði Line along with the Blöndulína Line will establish a 220 kV connection to the system in East Iceland. This will increase the transmission capacity between regions and improve the utilization of resources throughout the country. A new 220 kV substation at Hryggstekk in East Iceland will relocate fishmeal processing plants within the system and enhance their access to electricity, in addition to improving power security in the area. This will improve the utilization of existing resources by at least 300 GWh.

The implementation plan includes the connection of two new power plants, Búrfellslundur and Hvammsvirkjun. Búrfellslundur is a 120 MW wind farm with 30 wind turbines and is the first wind power station to be connected to the transmission system. Hvammsvirkjun is a 95 MW hydroelectric power plant utilizing the Þjórsá river downstream of the Búrfell Power Station.

A new substation for Landsnet at Laugarbakki in Húnaþing is halfway between the capital area and Akureyri. It will support the infrastructure development for charging stations, serving both private cars and larger vehicles in energy exchange.

In addition to the aforementioned projects, there will be reinforcement of the transmission system in the  Suðurfirðir of the Vestfirðir, Suðurnes Line 2, Þorlákshöfn Line, Vestmannaeyjar Lines, Kópasker Line 1,  Dalvík Line 2, along with strengthening and renovation of the system at various locations in the country. The Energy Regulatory Authority estimates that the projects in Landsnet's system plan will contribute to increased security and reliability of the transmission system. Furthermore, strengthening of the transmission system is a fundamental prerequisite for energy exchange.