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Electric meter reading

The distributor must read the meters of general users at least every four years. The distributor must nevertheless obtain information about the measurement status annually.

The general user must submit an annual survey to the distributor about the measurement status of all meters listed in the connection agreement, if the distributor requests it.

The general public cannot, upon payment of an additional fee, have to increase and based on metered use. It should also be possible to send in additional information, e.g. if usage changes.

A distributor reads an electricity meter

  • every four years at least or
  • if the user changes electricity supplier or
  • if a user moves out of an apartment or house or
  • if the electricity meter is replaced.

The electricity is measured in an electricity panel, which is usually found on the ground floor or in the basement.

Distribution companies have started installing smart meters for electricity buyers. Smart meters measure the use of electricity in real time.

Changes to the regulations on electricity meter readings can be expected as the project progresses.

Source: Reglugerð nr. 1150/2019 um raforkuviðskipti og mælingar.